We were so excited to be featuring The Change Box for this week’s #FortunateFriday feature! They are a subscription service that is doing amazing things raising awareness of brands that not only bring you products which are lovely to use, but also make a difference in the world! Their box – which is incredibly simply designed but yet oh, so beautiful – is packed with luxurious, ethical, sustainable and plant-based products which support many charitable initiatives.

Winston Churchill once said that we make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give. We always try to teach our students not only the knowledge and skills they require to attain their qualifications, but also instill and bring out in them values that will help them inspire positive change in their respective communities. How can our societies progress and flourish if we just cared about our success and not about anyone else’s? When we help another person, leaving a positive impression on them, the ripple effect it creates has no end.

Their subscription service making a difference

Their very first subscription box went out in November and they were absolutely packed with such beautiful products – tealight candles from Nude Dudes Tea Candles, a notebook from Inspirationery‘s ‘La Force Feminine’ collection, a Soap with Hope‘s heavenly-scented handmade soap, nail polishes from The Good Polish, a range of snack pockets from 4 My Earth, a delicious bar of chocolate from Alter Eco, a beautiful face lotion or toner from Alaffia, and a vegan face mask sample from Rustic Peppermint.

What’s in the box?

Their boxes are reasonably priced too – $24.95 for a mini-box which contains 3-5 products, and $54.95 for a large box which contains 5-10 products. With Christmas just weeks away, what better gift to give your loved ones than giving a gift that gives back to society? You can order your gift box (or your subscription box!) here. And if you use this discount code: DOLPH at checkout, you will get 20% off your order! 20%! Don’t pretend you’re not excited! Do take note that today is the last day you can order a December box and as of tomorrow, they will only have their January boxes available.

Please note, our #FortunateFriday posts are not sponsored. They are chosen to be featured by our team and our students, and they are chosen because we believe in what they do and want the world to know about them!

‘Till our next #FortunateFriday feature, have a great week and remember to be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Your act of kindness could create immense change beyond your wildest imagination!

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