In our very first #RecruitMe post, we have have listed some job seeking tips and what is the best thing you can do in an interview. Every year, hundreds of thousands of job applicants in Australia (and millions more worldwide) go through the gruelling interview process to get a job.

The Economist estimates that there may be as many as 290 million 15 to 24 year olds not currently employed with the reasons being varied - from lack of opportunity, to lack of skills. Our team brainstormed and came up with some ways to help you land your dream job, and what businesses can do to get youths in Australia employed!

In the past week, our headlines have been dominated by the Snook vs Sherlock saga. Whilst the video itself should not have been leaked, there is no question that what we witnessed, the way Amber Sherlock behaved towards Julie Snook in the video should never happen to anyone.

First round university offers were published today. You were waiting, and waiting, and waiting. But you didn't receive your first preference. You've been going through an emotional roller coaster all day - what is going to happen to your future, what is going to happen now, what are my options, is my future ruined?

Our first post of the year and it just so happens to fall on the day first round university offers were announced. Today was such a momentous day for so many students, waiting in anticipation to receive news as to whether they have received offers for the course of their dreams.

This week's #FortunateFriday feature is The Change Box. They are a socially-conscious subscription service which provides you with a selection of caring products from brands making a difference in the world. Inspired by Thank You, Inspirationery and Alter Eco; The Change Box helps us discover luxurious, ethical, sustainable and plant-based products.

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