To think that 12-year-old girls have been able to make such a huge impact on the lives of girls on the other side of the world is simply incredible. School Girls Unite is this week's #FortunateFriday feature and we are so very proud of what they have accomplished!

A promotion, by definition, is a form of advancement or movement into a new role with more responsibilities (and more usually more pay). Being promoted at work is a pretty big deal for most. This one tale of a dishwasher's promotion is possibly the greatest sign of gratitude we've ever heard of.

This week, our #FortunateFriday feature is a social enterprise offering organic, ethical and fair trade items which are handmade by survivors of sex trafficking. These amazing survivors, having gone through such unimaginable experiences have overcome so much to rebuild what is now their lives.

This week, our #FortunateFriday feature is a youth-led, youth-run organisation that is creating positive change to the world and their communities. Youth Without Borders was started almost 10 years ago and it all started with a conversation at a summit.

This week, our #FortunateFriday feature is an American accredited college offering university-level courses to eligible students for free! With vocational and higher education costs now sky-rocketing, is getting a diploma or degree qualification still worth it? Read more to find out!

This week, our #FortunateFriday feature is a foundation that is impacting the lives of our Indigenous Australians in a meaningful and extraordinary way. The Aurora Project is an organisation committed to transforming the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

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